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Configuring Filters

Filters are used to narrow down the selection of data shown in visualizations. With large sets of data, it is important to be able to focus on the relevant data and filter out data irrelevant to a specific question.


When data is loaded into TIBCO Spotfire, each column in the data is represented by a filter. When you interact with a filter, and filter out data, the visualizations instantly change to show only the relevant data.

Filter Types

There are several different filter types available in TIBCO Spotfire.

Available filters

The Range Slider allows you to select a range of values.

The Item Slider is used to select a single value at a time, and lets you easily step between nearby values.

Radio Buttons are also used to select a single value, but each value is shown.

Check Boxes are used to select any combination of values.

The Text Filter allows you to type a string of text or an expression and any values that do not match are filtered out.

The List Box Filter, like check boxes, is used to select any combination of values, but is more appropriate if there are many values available. It is also possible to search the values using a string of text or an expression.

The Hierarchy Filter is a filter type that shows hierarchical data in an expandable tree view, consisting of check boxes.

For more information on filtering data and the different filter types, see the following topic in the TIBCO Spotfire User's Guide: