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Configuring Pages

Often, analysis files in TIBCO Spotfire consist of several pages. The navigation of these pages and the ability to direct users to certain parts of an analysis are important aspects when analysis files are shared between users.


By naming pages in an informative way and using links and bookmarks to highlight certain aspects of an analysis, the analysis is made easier to understand and use for the users.

Page Modes

It is possible to display the pages in an analysis file in two ways. The tab mode lets you set up pages and name them to explain what the different pages contain.

Pages in tab mode

The step-by-step mode is used if you want to present the analysis in a certain order. Then the pages are displayed as numeric links.

Pages in step-by-step mode

Cover Page

In general, analysis files are created with a cover page. This is a page where a text area is used to explain the purpose of the analysis and to highlight important aspects, using plain text, illustrations or links to parts of the analysis.

Controls in the Analysis

Property controls, action links or buttons can be added to the cover page or text areas in pages in the analysis. While the cover page can be used to describe the analysis as a whole, text areas are used to provide information on the separate pages of the analysis.

The controls are used to let the users control the content of visualizations in the analysis. This is done by adding property controls to the text areas. These could be drop-down lists, list boxes or sliders with predefined values. You can also add manual input fields where any values can be entered. The values chosen in the property controls can, for example, define what should be shown on the axes of a visualization or how the content of the visualization should be colored.

The control in the text area defines the contents of the bar chart

It is also possible to use scripts in action controls in a text area. The scripts are written in IronPython and they allow you to incorporate simple actions or tools into your analysis without having to deploy complete AddIns to the server. The scripts have full access to the Spotfire API.

Action links or buttons can be used to send the user to a certain page of the analysis or to a specific visualization with certain filter settings and markings applied. It is also possible to link to web pages.

Text area with text, images and links

For more information on pages, controls and links, see the following topics in the TIBCO Spotfire User's Guide: