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Interaction between Visualizations

Visualizations in an analysis can be linked to each other, allowing you to drill down into your data in multiple steps.


While the Details-on-Demand shows the actual values of marked items in a visualization, it is also possible to let marked items affect the contents of any other visualization. This allows you to chain multiple visualizations to each other and drill down further into different parts of your data, without losing the view of the entire data.

Details Visualization

In a details visualization, what is shown depends on what is marked in one or more other visualizations.

The Spotfire user interface

In the example above, with three linked visualizations, the master visualization shows sales per year. If you mark one of the bars representing years in the master visualization, data will be displayed in the first details visualization. This details visualization shows sales per category (fruit and vegetables) for the marked year. In this case, 2003 was marked. Marking the category "Vegetables" in Sales per Category displays data in yet another details visualization. In this case the percentage of sales per type (cucumber, lettuce and tomato) in the category Vegetables for 2003 is shown in a pie chart.

For more information on the details visualization, see the following topic in the TIBCO Spotfire User's Guide: