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Getting Started

The Spotfire Technology Network is the online resource for analysts, administrators, and developers to find the details on configuring, administrating and extending the Spotfire Analytics Platform.

For an overview of the higher level concepts and benefits of the platform to both end users and IT organizations, visit the Spotfire’s corporate websiteExternal link and watch the 5 minute "Spotfire Tour" videoExternal link.

Product BasicsExternal link
This set of brief Flash movies acquaints new users with the basics of working with the Spotfire clients.

Interactive DemosExternal link
Visit the Spotfire Test Drive site for hands on orientation with example Spotfire Analytical Applications, built on the Spotfire Platform.


Analysts & Authors

Advanced Authoring of Spotfire Analytic Applications
This section provides in depth explanation of some of Spotfire’s more advanced configuration options.

Technical Education and Training for Spotfire End UsersExternal link
Learn best practices for configuring TIBCO Spotfire Analytic Workbooks.



Integrate, Automate, Extend
The Spotfire Platform allows developers to automate, integrate, and extend analytical applications to meet the requirements of specific analytical processes.

What's New in the TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 Platform
The TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 release introduces several powerful new features and improvements.

Understanding the Extensible Spotfire Platform Architecture
Overview of the core platform’s architecture for developers of .NET-based Spotfire Platform Extensions.

Understanding the Web Player
Overview of the Web Player’s JavaScript-based automation API to create analytic mashups, portal integrations, and other analytic web applications

Understanding the Spotfire Server
Extend the Spotfire Server for complex IT environments, such as custom authentication sources

Technical Education and Training for Spotfire DevelopersExternal link
TIBCO Spotfire Developer training is designed to educate developers on the extension, automation, and integration of TIBCO Spotfire.



Spotfire Server: Administration & Configuration
Spotfire Server easily integrates into existing IT environments and provides administrators the ability to manage and broadly deploy analytic applications and solutions to enterprise users.

Technical Education and Training for Spotfire AdministratorsExternal link
Learn best practices for configuring the different components of the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Server for specific IT architectures & environments.



TIBCO Spotfire Partner NetworkExternal link
Spotfire development partners develop, market, sell, and deploy analytic solutions that are radically faster and more adaptable to specific industry or business analytic challenges. Visit the Spotfire Partner Network to learn more about becoming a Spotfire partner.