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The purpose of the TIBCO Spotfire product stack is to provide visual and computational analytics in one platform.

TIBCO Spotfire platform products

TIBCO Spotfire Web Player with Web Player Server

Spotfire Web Player presents interactive analytic reports.

Spotfire Web Player extends the reach of analytics to a broad base of business professionals and decision-makers throughout - and beyond - the enterprise with interactive thin client applications.

Web Architecture
The Web Player JavaScript API integrates solutions with the Spotfire Web Player. It enables event handling, data data marking and filter manipulation.

TIBCO Spotfire Professional and TIBCO Spotfire Enterprise Player

TIBCO Spotfire is a client side environment for fully-featured interactive analytics. It also enables the configuring of complete analyses for the Spotfire Enterprise Player client.

With Spotfire Professional running on the enterprise desktop, business analysts and professionals have instant access to their data in a stunningly visual, completely interactive analytics environment.

Spotfire Architecture
The Spotfire runtime is conceptually divided into model and view. The automation APIs control Spotfire execution, and the extension APIs enable developers to add functionality.

TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services

Spotfire Automation Services provides a platform and tools for automating TIBCO Spotfire without user interaction and visible user interface.

TIBCO Spotfire Miner

Spotfire Miner enables flexible data preparation and powerful data mining through intuitive graphical workflows. Reduce maintenance costs, increase transparency, and improve auditability of analytic processes through self-documenting, reusable visual workflows. For Spotfire Professional users, Spotfire Miner can transform, clean, reduce and analytically enrich data prior to visualization.

TIBCO Spotfire S+

This desktop application provides flexible statistical analysis and prototyping.

TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services

With TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services, technical and business professionals have more confidence in their decisions by using the latest predictive analytics available in R and S+ — without requiring expertise in statistics.

Spotfire Statistics Services Primer (C#)