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Spotfire SDK

The SDK provides required Spotfire developer resources: the Spotfire Extension Project Template, development assemblies, example projects, and the Package Builder application wrapping the extensions for deployment.


The Spotfire SDK is required when extending the platform. It is available for download from

Unzip the Spotfire SDK into the recommended folder structure:TIBCO Spotfire SDK\[version]\SDK
The structure may be placed in any location.

The SDK is a folder structure. The unzipped Spotfire SDK 2.2 contains the following folders: Spotfire SDK unzipped


Available in all SDK versions. This folder contains the .NET assemblies that are referenced when creating solutions using the Spotfire platform. It also contains the related IntelliSense files.


Available in all SDK versions. This folder provides a wide set solutions that may be used to solve common development scenarios. The SDK is divided into subfolders based on the technical character of the solutions:

COM Automation: Describes inter-application communication using COM.

Extensions: Provides a set of fully functional .Net projects solving specific tasks for Spotfire and Spotfire Web Player. These extensions are simple enough to constitute a source of insight as well as code. Refer to Creating Extensions to the Spotfire Platform for a list of extension types and other options to add analytic capabilities to the platform.

In addition to extension projects this folder contains the SpotfireDeveloper.ApiExamples project, which provides source code illustrating how to automate common tasks, like configuring visualizations, handling filtering and periodically refreshing data.

JavaScript: Provides mashup solutions using the JavaScript API of the Web Player.

Package Builder

Available in all SDK versions, but considerably revised from SDK 2.2. It is strongly recommended to use the new Package Builder also when creating extensions for Spotfire 2.1 using the SDK 2.1.
  • Spotfire Package Builder
    Spotfire Package Builder provides a framework for developing, debugging, packaging and deploying extensions to Spotfire. It is an important tool when adding custom capabilities to the Spotfire platform.


Available from SDK 2.2. Contains a special Spotfire.Dxp.exe integrating with the expanded Package Builder application. It is used by the examples projects to enable extension development and debugging.

Also contains a special Spotfire.Dxp.exe.config file, which is configured by Package Builder at design time to reflect the configuration used while developing extensions, thereby covering development across all supported Spotfire versions.


Available from Spotfire SDK 2.1. For Spotfire 2.0, download the old version: Spotfire DXP
  • Spotfire Extension Project Template
    The Spotfire Extension Project Template is used in Visual Studio® to create new Spotfire extension projects. It handles implementation details and enables you to focus on adding new functionality.


Available from SDK 2.2.
  • Visual Studio® Macros
    The SDK contains a Visual Studio macro simplifying development of document nodes. It injects boiler plate code based on the private fields defining a custom Spotfire document node.