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Analytics Server Developer

The Spotfire Analytics Server is designed to be completely integrated into your existing IT infrastructure. In most cases this can be done through simple configuration alone. For more complex environments the Spotfire Analytics Server Developer provides an API for automation and extension.


  • User Directory
    The User Directory API is used for listing and modifying users and groups in Analytics Server.


The Spotfire Analytics Server's Service Provider Interface (SPI) can be used to extend the server's functionality through custom plug-ins.

  • User Directory (Deprecation pending)
    The User Directory SPI is used for connecting the Spotfire Analytics Server to your own service provider supplying user and group information.
  • Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS)
    The JAAS SPI is used for creating a custom authentication module based on the JAAS standard  for authenticating clients by validating usernames and passwords.
  • Authenticator
    The Authenticator SPI is used for creating a custom non-JAAS compliant authentication module, responsible for authenticating users through the Spotfire Analytics Server.
  • JDBC
    The JDBC SPI is used to configure Information Services for a specific JDBC driver. In most cases it will suffice to configure the default implementation with the settings specific to the driver.
  • Data Source Authentication
    The Data Source Authentication SPI is used to automatically authenticate users against Information Services data sources (databases)when executing the actual query. This SPI makes it possible to write a plugin that supplies the data source credentials for the different users without prompting the end user for credentials.


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