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Analytic Clients

Spotfire Analytic Clients allow you to configure analytic applications.


Spotfire Analytic Clients equip every employee to quickly discover new insights in the information they work with every day. Spotfire software shifts the power to ask and answer virtually unconstrained questions to front-line users -- the people who make decisions every day-- without requiring countless new reports or custom queries from IT. Spotfire's interactive, visual capabilities for data analysis empower individuals to easily see trends, patterns outliers and unanticipated relationships in data with unprecedented speed and adaptability.

The Spotfire Analytic Clients are built on two different technology platforms: Spotfire and DecisionSite. Spotfire is a next generation BI solution that is applicable to a broad array of analytic application throughout an enterprise. DecisionSite is the premier analytic client in technical markets such as pharmaceutical research, energy exploration and high-tech manufacturing.

Both are built around highly interactive, easy to use data visualizations. The key to both are their extremely fast in-memory data engines that enable data to be filtered and transformed as rapidly as the user can think of new questions of their data.

They are used by line of business users to quickly author Guided Analytic Applications. Analytic Applications can be as easy to create as a PowerPoint presentation, while offering a lot of powerful, configurable features available just below the surface that allows non-developers to build highly customized applications in minutes to hours that would take months for specialized IT resources to develop on top of other platforms.

By enabling business analysts to configure their own applications, IT is released from its current mundane tasks of specialized data pulls and report creation. Instead it can get back to the task of build the infrastructure required to give their company an information advantage over their competitors.

Configured end-user applications

All users have slightly different domain backgrounds, expertise areas, perspectives and skill sets—they require different sets of analysis capabilities. There is no single solution that fits everyone. Experienced project managers can testify that static predefined applications will not fulfill the needs of all their end users.
Spotfire DecisionSite is based on fundamental research in information visualization and human/computer interaction. The system allows developers to set up an open environment where the users can dynamically explore, analyze and understand the information using:

  • Tightly coupled, interactive visualizations
  • Dynamic querying of the data
  • Instant drilldown to details
  • Analysis workflow configurations
  • Ad hoc data import and data enrichment capabilities
  • Interactive reporting and integrated analysis distribution mechanisms
  • Binning and mathematical expressions
  • Basic statistics and algorithms

Configured End User Applications

Analytic Applications

To enable your users to understand the information buried in your databases, an analytical application must provide access to all relevant data, be able to support data visualization capabilities, and provide a toolbox of metrics and functionality specific to your business—such as the standard quality thresholds, particular statistical algorithms, or integrations with internal geospatial or chemical structure systems.

Projects that provide their users with only a toolbox of data sources and analysis capabilities will typically only reach a small percentage of their intended audience. Most users that need to perform analyses do not have the time or the skills to become experts on every software application within their domain. For end-user success across all skill levels, the analysis application must be problem and process focused, intuitive and self-explanatory. The solution needs to provide one-click access to data and guide the users in how to understand, analyze and explore the information.

To enable your users to utilize their domain expertise to analyze the data, gain insights and draw conclusions, the solution must also enable your expert users to dynamically explore, interact, filter, and drill down into the information.

For an analysis application to be used it must be easily accessible from within the environments most common for the user base—utilizing existing logical entry points such as the Intranet, emails, or in-house query builders.

An Analytic Application in Spotfire addresses the above issues. It combines visual, interactive analysis capabilities with domain- and problem-specific processes, resulting in a highly usable, relevant and effective data analysis application.

When building a Spotfire solution, these capabilities are included out-of-the-box. As a developer, all you'll need to set up are the following business-specific components from your organization:

  • Configure access to relevant data sources
  • Provide business-specific integrations, metrics and algorithms
  • Set up recommended analysis views, workflows, and starting points

Analytic Applications

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