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Analytics Server

Spotfire Analytics Server allows you to centrally configure and administer analytics applications.

In order to fulfill the promise of Analytics to enable an enterprise to make better and faster data-driven decisions and compete on analytics, usage must cross functional, role and data asset boundaries.

The Spotfire Analytics Server provides the platform for analysts and IT to perform the integration with existing information infrastructure and capture the analytic best practices that enable downstream business users to generate insights and make decisions without being bogged down with the behind the scenes complexities of getting the right data and tools to them when they need it the most.

The Spotfire Analytics Server enables all of the configuration and integration required to deploy the right set of solutions throughout the entire enterprise to be centrally managed, secured and deployed.

Key Features and Benefits

As a centrally managed platform for distributing data and analytic solutions, the Spotfire Analytics Server is a prerequisite for deployment of enterprise analytics across multiple user communities. The configured solutions can be extended by integrating with existing data sources, statistical computation engines, third party applications, or any kind of custom components. The platform makes it easy to maintain, distribute and upgrade applications for your user communities. The applications and the components are managed through a common security, permission and meta-model system.

The Spotfire Analytics Server:

  • Simplifies query and retrieval from multiple external data sources
  • Distribute and administer complete analytic solutions
  • Integrate Spotfire into your existing information and analytics infrastructure, not vice versa
  • Process data with configured procedures in your preferred computational engines
  • Extend and control the server platform through standards-based Web Services APIs
  • Secure your solutions, data, and analyses


The Spotfire Analytics Server is designed to be completely integrated into your existing IT infrastructure through both configuration and documented extension points.

The Spotfire Analytics Server is a Java Servlet that exposes a set of web services to the Administration and Analytic Clients. Communication between the clients and servers is over SOAP via either HTTP or HTTPS.

The Spotfire Analytics Server requires either an Oracle or Microsoft® SQL Server database to store its generated metadata.

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