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Analytic Developer Kits

Spotfire Analytic Developer Kits allow you to extend the capabilities of the Spotfire Analytics Platform.

The Spotfire Analytic Clients and Server are extremely robust and configurable. Without any programming or development business users can easily configure analytic applications which they can publish to their colleagues .

The Spotfire Analytic Developer Kits take that Spotfire Analytics Platform to a whole new and unprecedented level of analytic application development.

Spotfire has built their platform with extensibility in mind. Through the Developer Kits you can build extensions to the Analytics Platform that enable you to add entirely new areas of functionality.

These extensions can be used to:

  • read new data sources,
  • add new analytics,
  • integrate with existing applications and infrastructure,
  • and automate the analytic clients.

The Spotfire Analytic Developer Kits provide you with all the tools, documentation, and examples necessary for you to get started with the platform's complete set of APIs, develop your custom solution, and deploy it within your organization.

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