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TIBCO Spotfire S+

Spotfire S+ provides statistical analysis and programming tools in a programming environment for the desktop.

Using Spotfire S+, you can:

  • Import and transform data from multiple sources, including ASCII, Excel, SAS, SPSS, and from a variety of databases using flexible data preparation tools.
  • Rapidly prototype, develop, and deploy new analytic applications using a broad array of data analysis and data mining functions.
  • Scale analysis on extremely large data sets on the desktop.
  • Share work and extend the statistical analysis palette by converting R packages using the Spotfire S+ package system.
  • Generate and automate custom reports using statistical graphics and RTF or XML tools.
  • Develop and use Spotfire S+ data functions from within Spotfire.
  • Deploy applications to the enterprise via TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services.


Spotfire S+ includes its classic Windows GUI, as well as a plug-in for the cross-platform Eclipse Workbench and cross-platform console application.


Spotfire S+ Workbench