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What’s New in the TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 Platform

The TIBCO Spotfire 4.5 release introduces several powerful new features and improvements.

Dashboards are now even easier to configure using drag and drop, and can now be enhanced with bullet graphs. Using TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services several powerful data functions are available for making predictions. The TIBCO Spotfire Server now offer the possibility to script installation and configuration, improved logging and monitoring, and extensive documentation – giving an IT administrator more control, and providing a faster and easier work flow.

Dashboard Enhancements

What: Bullet Graphs

Why: Visually compare business measures to targets at a glance to determine if you are above or below target. Use in text areas to execute actions with a single click.

Customized Sparklines

What: Customize line width and color of spark charts.

Why: Create a more intuitive visual experience and tailor visualizations to match company branding.

Page Handling

What: Right click page tabs to delete all pages or delete all but current pages.

Why: Leverage more efficient control over dashboards without going into property menus.

Graphical Table Drag and Drop Menu

What: The graphical table now supports drag and drop and more direct manipulation via context menus.

Why: Quickly and efficiently reconfigure graphical tables without going into properties menu.

Improved Axis Range Handling

What: Increase axis ranges to match maximum values in data for bar, combination, scatter and line charts as well as box-plots.

Why: Users can create more informative and intuitive visual experience without hard coding axis ranges.

Graphical Table Properties

What: Right clicking a column in a graphical table now provides direct access to column settings dialogue.

Why: Users can now duplicate columns, switch columns and manipulate icon settings more efficiently from visualization menu.

Advanced Export Options

What: Advanced export options to PDF.

Why: Produce higher quality static presentations by setting graphics type (including vector) and quality as well as customizing header and footer text and font settings.

Burst Reporting

What: Burst creation of PDF documents now available.

Why: Automatically generate multipage reports guided by unique filters and bookmarks.

Support for ChemAxon Marvin as Structure Editor

What: MarvinSketch can now be used as input to substructure searches.

Why: Lead Discovery users can use MarvinSketch to draw and edit chemical structures within Tibco Spotfire platform.

Description: EditStructure_ChemDraw02.jpg

Integration with SAS® and MATLAB®

What: Embed SAS® and MATLAB® scripts into your Spotfire Applications though Spotfire Statistics Services.

Why: Leverage your existing analytic skills and software & IP investments and deliver the power of your proprietary analytics to a larger community.

Out of the Box Predictive Analytics

What: Leverage out of the box data functions for exploration and reduction, predictive modeling, time series modeling and scatter plot smoothing.

Out of the Box Data Functions


       Many common predictive analytics now available in the Spotfire platform for application authors

       Immediately add deeper insights to your Spotfire applications

       Extensible S+ & R templates and examples for building your own predictive analytics

       Mix out of the box and custom data functions

Available Out of the Box Data Functions

       Data Exploration and Reduction

       Correlation Matrix

       Scatter plot matrix

       Example of embedding graphics from S+/R

       Robust outlier detection

       Principal Component Analysis

       Predictive Modeling

       Most common regression methods (linear, logistic, etc.)

       Time Series Modeling


       Scatterplot smoothing


“BIG Data” Access

What: Access and Analyze Hadoop/Hive with Spotfire Advanced Data Services.

Why: Analyze BIG DATA in Spotfire on its own or integrated with other data.

Scriptable Installation and Configuration

What: Scriptable Installation and Configuration of TIBCO Spotfire Server.


       Faster installation and upgrade process

       Time-stamped configurations makes it possible to revert to previous working configuration state

       Improve IT Control of platform configuration

       Automate configuration of new server installation and upgrade

       Comes with default scripts

       Extensive command scripting Help

Server Improvements


       Simplified installers across platforms

       Separate 64 and 32 bit platform distributions

       On Windows:

      Standard MSI actions for managing Services (e.g., stopping/starting/deleting)

      Improved “Silent” installation support

      Support for “Repair” installation


       IT-friendly, standards-based approach improves control and risk mitigation

       Reduced Spotfire Server installation steps by 50%

       Smaller server installers download in < 1 minute

       Recovery and Repair of server installations

       Reduced Set up and Management Costs

Improved Documentation for Server Installation


       Extensive details in Server Installation and Configuration manual

      incl. details on authentication methods - LDAP, SSO, Kerberos, X.509

       Release Notes list closed issues

       Updated system requirements

       Command Reference for admins


       Clearer picture of installation workflow

       Details spelled out for complex configurations

System Monitoring

What: Real time view of log configurations, server attributes, data sources and HTTP error Codes. Support TIBCO Hawk and industry standards including JMX, Jconsole

Why: Monitor system activity and health across multiple Spotfire Servers and Web Players in one environment.

Description: C:\Users\meyllon\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.Outlook\FK918ZO2\log_config_file.jpg

System Monitoring


       Real time view of log configurations, server attributes, data sources and HTTP error codes

       TIBCO Hawk support and industry standards including JMX, JConsole

       Manage log configurations

       Restart the Spotfire servers remotely


       Monitor system activity and health across multiple Spotfire servers and Web Players in a single environment

       Mitigation of risks associated with enterprise deployments