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What's New in Spotfire 2.1

New framework features descriptions, use cases and tutorials for TIBCO Spotfire 2.1.

Spotfire Web Player

JavaScript API to Create Mashup Solutions.

  • Web Architecture
    The Web Player JavaScript API integrates solutions with the Spotfire Web Player. It enables event handling, data data marking and filter manipulation.
  • Integrating with Spotfire Web Player
    The JavaScript API can be used to create Web Player mashups. The Web Player can be integrated with other applications and programmed to handle Web Player interactions.

Web Player Custom Authentication

Custom Visualizations

  • Creating a Visualization
    A visualization is a visual displaying data in Spotfire. A custom visualization defines a unique visualization, implementing model, view, and possibly using additional components.

Spotfire Professional

Apart from Web Player platform integration, custom visualization and authentication, Spotfire 2.1 also adds new extension capabilities to the ones already available.

Configuration Blocks

  • Creating a Configuration Block
    A configuration block configures the initial state of an analysis. It has two sections: a list of parameter assignments and a list of configuration statements.


  • Creating a Transformation
    Transformations are applied to data when loading it into Spotfire, shaping the data to the desired form before analyzing it.

Fitting Models

  • Creating a Fitting Model
    Curve fitting is the process of calculating values from visualization coordinates and input parameters, to draw reference curves and points.

Spotfire Technology Network Resources

Refer to the Spotfire SDK for an overview of fully functional example projects available for programmers extending the platform.