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What’s New in the TIBCO Spotfire 4.0.1 Platform

TIBCO Spotfire 4.0.1 contains a number of enhancements to the 4.0 release.

New Features

  • Page navigation: History arrows is now a separate page navigation mode.
  • A new dialog named Format Control was introduced in the text area. This dialog resolves a number of issues relating to formatting and resizing in controls in the text area.
  • A dialog named Apply Font Settings to Document can now be reached from the Tools > Options dialog. This has improved the workflow for applying font settings in the analysis. It is now possible to select exactly which elements should be affected, as well as which pages in the analysis the settings should be applied to.
  • It is now possible to choose whether to auto-hide scrollbars in tabular visualizations, or to always display them. By displaying the scrollbars you can make sure the tabular visualizations indicate that there is more data available. The selection can be set in the Document Properties dialog for existing visualizations, or in the Tools > Options dialog if it should apply to future visualizations as well.

Fixed Issues

TIBCO Spotfire Professional

  • D-o-D: It is now possible to change the font settings for the headers, as well as the rest of the table texts, in the Details-on-Demand table.
  • D-o-D: Fixed an issue which made it possible to change the order of the column headers in a tilted Details-on-Demand table, that is, a Details-on-Demand table as it is displayed when only one row is marked. Since this behavior could cause confusion, the possibility to change the column order has been removed.
  • D-o-D: Images appearing in a tilted Details-on-Demand table now get the correct size again.
  • Graphical Table: Fixed an issue which sometimes caused some sparklines in a graphical table to be drawn incorrectly.
  • Graphical Table: Setting the marking to (None) on the Data page of the graphical table properties now works as expected.
  • Graphical Table: Tooltips are now enabled for headers in graphical tables as well.
  • Graphical Table: When you change the name of a sparkline, calculated value, or icon column in the graphical table, the column name is now updated instantly in the graphical table properties as well as in the column header in the visualization.
  • Graphical Table: Moving a marking is now possible by using the arrow keys on the keyboard.
  • Graphical Table: Undo/redo behavior of changes in the dynamic items properties now works as expected.
  • Sparkline: The page that was previously named Values in the Sparkline Properties dialog has now been renamed Appearance to better comply with properties pages in other visualizations.
  • Cross table: Column headers with multiple words in cross tables are now wrapped if the height of the column header cell is increased.
  • Cross Table: Performance has been improved significantly in the cross table.
  • Cross Table: The tooltip shown when having hidden rows no longer displays the wrong number when the vertical axis displays a hierarchy.
  • Table: An issue caused Spotfire to sometimes unexpectedly exit when the placement of a virtual column was changed in a table visualization. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Table: The row height in table visualizations is now adjusted according to the font used in the table.
  • Table: The table visualization incorrectly displayed the string "(Empty)" when there was no value for an embedded image. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Table: Auto-resize of BLOB columns in a table is no longer allowed, since no proper width of the column could be specified.
  • Tabular Visualizations: It is now possible to set the font style in tabular visualizations to bold italic.
  • Tabular visualizations: Fixed issues which sometimes caused highlighting in the graphical table and cross table to not work properly.
  • Tabular Visualizations: In TIBCO Spotfire 4.0 it became possible to adjust the font settings for the headers in cross tables and tables separately. For DXP files created in earlier versions headers in those visualizations were incorrectly converted to the default font settings for headers. This issue has now been fixed, and the font settings in table and cross table headers created in earlier than 4.0 will now instead use the table text font settings.
  • Text Area: Fixed an issue which made it impossible to edit the text area on initial load under the rare circumstances that the default visualization was not a tabular visualization, nor did the analysis include a cover page and Details-on-Demand.
  • Text Area: Improved how default font settings work in text areas.
  • Text Area: Improved how start and end point values are displayed for sparklines in the text area.
  • Text Area: Using an image as a link to a web page now works again. An issue in Spotfire 4.0 caused image links in text areas and tables to not work properly. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Text Area: Opening an analysis with a text area containing an input field with multiple lines tied to a string property containing "<script>" would cause the text area to open up in an incorrect state. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Text Area: The stability when working with properties for a text area slider has been improved.
  • Legend: The handling of the legend popover/panel state and size has been improved.
  • Legend: The information available under "Data limited by" when using other filtering than the page filtering has been improved.
  • Tooltips: The behavior of tooltips in table visualizations has been improved.
  • Export/Print: An issue which caused some cell content not to appear as expected in export and print of tabular visualizations has now been fixed.
  • Export: Fixed issues with font size, and alignment of headers, in export of tabular visualizations.
  • Export/Print: When exporting and printing table visualizations, the legend will now be placed on the left side of the visualization if it is located on the left side in the visualization.
  • Export: Fixed an issue causing texts in tables to get a too low resolution when exported to PDF.
  • Filtering: In rare cases Spotfire could exit unexpectedly after filtering using the range slider and an item was highlighted in a visualization. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Filtering: Limit data using expression did not work in some cases when only expression was used for limiting the data. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Filtering: The Limit Data by Expression dialog now has the active data table of the visualization preselected when opened.
  • Help: An example URL has been added to the help topic "Details on Configure Collaboration Panel" in order to facilitate setting up a tibbr gadget in the collaboration panel.
  • Help: The correct help topic is now opened when clicking the Help button from the Graphical Table page in the Options dialog.
  • Application: When maximizing the application via double-click on the window title bar the application could sometimes run a toolbar command if the mouse pointer ended up over a button in the toolbar after the window had been maximized. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: It is now possible again to open the context menu in tabular visualizations by pressing the Menu/Application key on the keyboard.
  • Keyboard Shortcut: Using the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter to open the properties dialog for the active visualization sometimes opened the properties dialog for the wrong visualization. This issue has now been fixed.
  • Bookmarks: The default interval for synchronizing bookmarks has been changed from 15 to 60 seconds. It is now also possible to set the minimum synchronization interval in web.config (for the Web Player) and in the bookmark preferences (for TIBCO Spotfire Professional). The new preference is named BookmarkPreferences, and allows values between 5 and 3600.
  • Popovers: The handling of popovers has been improved. For example, the popovers are no longer closed upon deleting a tag, list or bookmark. Also, you can no longer accidently execute an underlying icon by double-clicking in a popover.
  • Visualizations: It is now possible to adjust the font of the visualization description when it is displayed right below the visualization title. The description font has been added as a visualization preference (Tools > Options > Fonts) and as property for all visualizations (Properties > Fonts).
  • Visualizations: Adding a new marking on the Data page of Visualization Properties no longer automatically changes the marking to use in the visualization to the new marking.
  • Visualizations: When creating a details visualization, all data limiting settings from the master visualization are now copied by default.
  • Visualizations: A warning is now shown if trying to set a very large Visualization Area size.
  • On-Demand: Fixed issue with on-demand data tables returning duplicate data.
  • Installation: An issue caused Spotfire to unexpectedly exit when clicking the Work Offline button after trying to log in to a server with a 3.3 deployment on clean install of 4.0. This issue was fixed by disabling the Work Offline button in the Spotfire login dialog when an older server version than the one supported is used.
  • Authentication: Proxy authentication using the Apache module mod_auth_sspi sometimes failed. This issue has now been fixed by making sure that the HTTP header "Expect: 100-continue" is never sent in any HTTP request.
  • Refresh of an on-demand visualization with lines and curves now only sends one call to the database instead of one call per line/curve.

TIBCO Spotfire Web Player

  • Legend: Legend synchronization issues when running Spotfire Web Player in Internet Explorer have been fixed. Previously, you could end up with a smaller legend than expected when large legends were docked and hidden and then the browser window was resized.
  • Legend: The legend is no longer updated upon marking or filtering, hence the experienced flickering in the legend has been reduced.
  • iPad: Scrolling in a table with a modified visualization area size no longer results in an error. One finger swipe will scroll the table contents. Two-finger swipe will scroll the visualization area.
  • iPad: Issues with opening an analysis with a visible Legend on an iPad have been resolved.
  • iPad: The extra whitespace to the right of the filters in the Filters panel when running Web Player 4.0 on iPad has now been removed.
  • iPad: The visualization menu icon (corresponding to the regular Web Player context menu) has been moved in order to make it less obtrusive. Previously it was located next to the visualization title, it is now located next to the legend icon to the right.
  • iPad: Search field heights for the Filters panel and the list box filter have been increased to the regular Web Player size.
  • iPad: You can now mark more than one item simultaneously in the table visualizations on the iPad as well as in other Spotfire versions.
  • Bookmarks: Issues when opening an analysis from 3.3 with a public bookmark or an open Bookmarks panel in Web Player and the user was missing the bookmarks license have been resolved.
  • Menus: The context menu allowing you to export and share a visualization is now available in Firefox 8 as well as in other supported browsers.
  • Visualizations: Visualization descriptions are no longer truncated when displayed above the visualization and there is space available.
  • Visualizations: The color stripe showing the relations color of different data tables has been aligned with the visualization title.
  • Visualizations: The whitespace above the visualization titles has been reduced to the same height as in TIBCO Spotfire Professional.
  • Visualizations: When refreshing visualizations that had been saved to the library in an unrefreshed condition the Web Player never finished updating the visualizations. This issue has now been resolved.
  • Calculated Values: Calculated values with color rules no longer flicker upon filtering.
  • Read callbacks have gotten an improved error handling so that script errors are reported through the Javascript API and are posted into the Web Player log.
  • The Read web service call handler on AjaxService.asmx.cs now updates the keep-alive time on the current web analysis. The old behavior could potentially enqueue a large amount of read operations filling the web browser connection queue, thus preventing keep-alive requests to be able to make it to the web server.
  • Tabular Visualizations: Issues with the scrollbar getting out of sync with the table content when the server is under heavy load or when scrolling swiftly have been corrected.
  • Pages: An analysis with a page title containing "&" characters will now get a correct tooltip.
  • Filters: The range slider filter is now fully aligned with the other content of the Filters panel.
  • Google Chrome: Accidental selection of parts of the analysis when using range filter or item filter is no longer an issue.
  • Google Chrome: The correct mouse cursor is now used at all times when filtering with a range filter or item filter.
  • Google Chrome: The alignment of the item filter and the list box filter in the text area is now the same in Google Chrome as in other supported web browsers.
  • Copy Link or Embed Code: Changing a preset to Medium or Large now keeps the setting for the selected preset rather than switching to Custom.
  • Export: Fixed an issue causing texts in tables to get a too low resolution when exported to PDF.

TIBCO Spotfire Automation Services

  • Selecting a "Set data source credentials" task in the job builder will now allow you to go back and select a different certificate if the first one selected is invalid.