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What's New in Spotfire Miner 8.1 and Spotfire Statistics Services 3.1

New framework APIs and user documentation for TIBCO Spotfire Miner 8.1 and TIBCO Spotfire S+ Server 8.1.

TIBCO Spotfire Miner 8.1

  • TIBCO Spotfire Miner
    Spotfire Miner enables flexible data preparation and powerful data mining through intuitive graphical workflows. Reduce maintenance costs, increase transparency, and improve auditability of analytic processes through self-documenting, reusable visual workflows. For Spotfire Professional users, Spotfire Miner can transform, clean, reduce and analytically enrich data prior to visualization.
  • TIBCO® Spotfire Miner® - Getting Started Guide
    Describes TIBCO Spotfire Miner™, a tool for enterprise-wide data mining that seamlessly integrates with software already in use.
  • TIBCO® Spotfire® Miner - User's Guide
    Describes data mining by way of statistics, exploring data and applying predictive models to reveal patterns and trends in large data sets.
  • TIBCO® Spotfire® Miner - Java/C++Extensibility
    The Miner UI and some computational components are Java based. The pipeline architecture and other computational components are implemented in C++. Creating nodes in Spotfire S+ requires less programming expertise than in Java or C++.

TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services 3.1