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Spotfire Statistics Services Administration Client

Code example explaining how to use Spotfire Statistics Services Administration Client C# API.


You can use the Administration Client API for the following job management tasks:

  • Locating jobs on the server.
  • Retrieving a job stored on the server.
  • Requesting the path to the directory where a job's input files will be stored.
  • Interrupting a job run before it is completed.
  • Removing a job from the server.
  • Examining the status of a job.


The following example retrieves a list of jobs that are stored on the server.

  1. Set the path to the server:
    string serviceUrl = "http://localhost:8080/SplusServer";
    string username   = "myusername";
    string password   = "mypassword";
  2. Create the AdministrationClient object:
    IAdministrationClient api = ClientFactory.GetAdministrationClient(serviceUrl, username, password);
  3. Send the request:
    SplusJobs jobs = api.GetJobs();
  4. Receive returned jobs:
    foreach (SplusDataResult job in jobs.Jobs)
                    Console.WriteLine("Job #" + job.JobId + " Status: " + job.Status);

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