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Updating Spotfire Statistics Services Remote Submission

This topic describes how to update the Spotfire S+ Workbench and S-PLUS package

Update the remote submission feature in the Spotfire S+ Workbench UI

  1. On the Spotfire S+ Workbench main menu, click Help > Software Updates to open the Software Updates and Add-ons dialog box.
  2. Select the Available Software tab and click Add Site.
  3. In the Add Site dialog, paste the following URL into the Location text entry:
  4. Expand the newly-added update site, and select Spotfire S+ Server Remote Submission.
  5. Click Install.
  6. In the installation dialog, click Next to confirm the installation, and follow the steps to install the update.
  7. After the installation completes, click Yes to restart the Spotfire S+ Workbench.

After you have updated the remote submission plug-in, you must update the S-PLUS package spserverapi, as follows.

Update the S-PLUS Package

To update the spserverapi S-PLUS package used for remote submission, run the following S-PLUS statements in your Spotfire S+ environment:

if(file.exists(system.file("library/SPServerAPI"))) remove.packages("SPServerAPI", lib=system.file("library"))
install.packages("spserverapi", lib=system.file("library"), contriburl="&thisServer;/update/splus")