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Creating a 3D Scatter Plot

Code examples explaining how to set up 3D scatter plots.

Refer to What is a 3D Scatter Plot? for a map 3D scatter plot presentation.

Create and Configure a 3D Scatter Plot

public static void Create3DScatterPlot(AnalysisApplication application)
    // Add a scatter plot to the page
    ScatterPlot3D plot = application.Document.ActivePageReference.Visuals.AddNew<ScatterPlot3D>();
    plot.Title = "3D Scatter Plot";

    // Connect the scatterplot to data
    DataManager dataManager = application.Document.Data;
    plot.Data.DataTableReference = dataManager.Tables.DefaultTableReference;

    // Set filtering for the visualization
    plot.Data.UseActiveFiltering = true;

    // Set marking for the visualization
    plot.Data.MarkingReference = dataManager.Markings.DefaultMarkingReference;

    // Marker By
    plot.MarkerByAxis.Expression = "<baserowid()>"; // one marker per row in the dataset

    // X Axis
    plot.XAxis.Expression = "Cost";

    // Y Axis
    plot.YAxis.Expression = "Sales";

    // Y Axis
    plot.ZAxis.Expression = "Volume";

    // Color By
    plot.ColorAxis.Expression = "<Type>";

    // Shape by Category column, and set shape for individual categories.
    plot.ShapeAxis.Expression = "<Category>";
    plot.ShapeAxis.ShapeMap["Fruit"] = Shapes3D.Sphere;
    plot.ShapeAxis.ShapeMap["Vegetables"] = Shapes3D.Diamond;

    // Set the camera paramaters to something else than default. 
    // The data is mapped to a box with a side length of 1, centered 
    // at the origin. We use the fields of view property to figure 
    // out a good camera distance.
    double distance = 0.7 / Math.Tan((plot.Camera.FieldOfView / 2) * Math.PI / 180);
    plot.Camera.Position = new Tuple3D(distance, distance, distance);
    plot.Camera.Direction = new Tuple3D(-distance, -distance, -distance);
    plot.Camera.UpDirection = new Tuple3D(0, 1, 0); // Y is up