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Adding Custom Help Files

Help documentation can be integrated in Spotfire. First custom help files are registered, then tools can integrate with their own help file.


Custom help is integrated in two ways: tools can display their own help files, and the help files are made available in the Help > Additional Help Topics sub menu.

For custom tools to find their help files, the help is defined as a public resource identified by a name and an optional culture. The help file is located on disk and retrieved by the ModulesService handling public resources in the set of loaded modules. It resolves resource names to absolute file paths based on the UI culture of the calling thread. If no matching resource declaration is found for the given UI culture, a fallback is made to examine resources declared without culture.

The help is hooked into the menu system using a class that registers CHM files:

Note that help integration is only available in the desktop client, not in the Web client.


  • How to Add a Custom Help File
    This tutorial explains how to add a new CHM help file, hooking it into the user interface along with the other resources in the Help menu of Spotfire Professional.