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Periodic and Event Driven Updates

An external process may update a Spotfire Web Player analysis. The EMS Updater in the Spotfire Web Player server may be used to act on EMS MapMessages, or, alternatively, the Update Analysis Web Service may respond to web service calls.

The EMS Updater and Web Service alternatives described below are similar to the Scheduled Updates concept, but differ from it by handling an event that may be external to the system, represented in the graphic below as a client either sending a message via EMS or calling the update service directly:

Event driven update scenario

EMS Updater

The EMS Updater listens for published messages on the EMS. MapMessage objects are used to send sets of name-value pairs defining the update. The EMS Updater is configured in the Web.config file. Note that you also have to make the corresponding updates in the Spotfire.Dxp.Web.KeepAlive.exe.config file for the KeepAlive service.

The library path to the analysis that should be updated.
Use the automatic value to update all running web browser clients.
Use the manual value to have normal update where each client should update manually, as in Spotfire 2.2.
If the manual or automatic client update behaviour is supplied and is valid, this value is used for the update. If the value is not supplied or if it is invalid, the scheduled behaviour defined for the supplied analysis is used. Otherwise the manual update behavior is used.
The number of minutes that the web player server should keep an inactive analysis (that is, an analysis not used by any user) before it is recycled. This only applies if no schedule has been defined for the analysis. Invalid values, values below 0 and values above 1440 will result in use of the default value configured in Web.config, the default value of which is 10.

Web Service

Alternatively a web service may be used to trigger an update. The web service in the Spotfire Web Player on the URL [Web Player Server URL]/UpdateService.asmx. Use UpdateService.asmx?wsdl to retrieve the WSDL definition of the web service.

There are two requirements:

  1. The web service must be enabled in Web.config.
  2. The user calling the web service must have Administrator privileges or the TIBCO Spotfire Web Player\External updates of analysis in TIBCO Spotfire Web Player license enabled.

Note that the web service is never enabled when running anonymous sites.
Also note that additional client coding is required if Forms Authentication is used.

Web Service Updater Schema

<s:schema elementFormDefault="qualified" targetNamespace="">
  <s:element name="UpdateAnalysis">
        <s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="path" type="s:string" />
        <s:element minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="1" name="clientUpdate" type="s:string" />
        <s:element minOccurs="1" maxOccurs="1" name="keepAliveMinutes" nillable="true" type="s:int" />
  <s:element name="UpdateAnalysisResponse">
    <s:complexType />