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Locate an Information Link by Name

This example shows how to locate an information link by name.

/// <summary>
/// Locate the Baseball InformationLink by searching 
/// for Links whos name start with Baseb
/// Open the data from this InformationLink.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="application">The TIBCO Spotfire application</param>
public static void LocateInformationLink(AnalysisApplication application)

    // Locate the Baseball InformationLink by searching 
    // for information links starting with Baseb.
    InformationLinkDescriptorCollection links = 

    // Loop through all found information links (educational purpose only).
    foreach (InformationLinkDescriptor link in links)
        Console.WriteLine(link.Name + " at " + link.Path);

    // Create an InformationLinkDatasource with the identifier from the first found match.
    InformationLinkDataSource datasource = new InformationLinkDataSource(links.First.Id);

    // Open in TIBCO Spotfire Application