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Transformation: Setting Metadata

This custom transformation propagates all columns from the input reader, but assigns additional metadata to all real columns.

Two new metadata properties are added for each real column:

  • Custom.Lamba: A real value, randomly calculated, between 0 and 1
  • Custom.Propagate: A boolean value specifying if the columns should be propagated from a custom transformation later in the transformation chain.

The data source is very similar to the Transformation: Simple Example and this is the reader.

private class LambdaTransformationReader : CustomDataRowReader
    private DataRowReader inputReader;
    private List<DataRowReaderColumn> columns;

    public LambdaTransformationReader(
				ImportContext importContext, DataRowReader inputReader)
        Random random = new Random();
        this.inputReader = inputReader;

        this.columns = new List<DataRowReaderColumn>();
        foreach (DataRowReaderColumn col in inputReader.Columns)
            DataColumnProperties properties = col.Properties;
            if (col.DataType == DataType.Real)
                double lambda = random.NextDouble();
                bool propagate = random.Next(0, 2) != 0;

                // we need to clone the input properties to be able to set
                // new properties.
                properties = properties.Propagate(importContext);

                properties.SetProperty("Custom.Lambda", lambda);
                properties.SetProperty("Custom.Propagate", propagate);

            // keep Name, DataType and Cursor since we do not modify the
            // values in the columns.
                new DataRowReaderColumn(

    protected override IEnumerable<DataRowReaderColumn> GetColumnsCore()
        return this.columns;

    protected override ResultProperties GetResultPropertiesCore()
        return this.inputReader.ResultProperties;

    protected override void ResetCore()

    protected override bool MoveNextCore()
        return this.inputReader.MoveNext();